Types of Volunteering Graphic.png

Steps to Becoming a Volunteer:

1. Submit a Volunteer Application below
2. Attend a Volunteer Orientation
3. Complete any additional requirements for the specific volunteer role of interest
4. Get started! 

Top Volunteer Needs: 

  • Adjunct Course: Female Coding Teacher

  • Personal Connection: Female Career Mentors

  • Personal Connection: Female Financial Guides

  • Facilities: Electrician

  • Friendraiser Hosts

  • Restaurant Partnerships

Internship Opportunities: 

Our Development Team is currently looking for a Social Media & Communications Intern. This position offers great experience working with a team, coming up with creative content to post, documenting the happenings at our organization, and managing our social media platforms. If interested, please contact Rachel@GenerateHope.org to receive the application and learn more.